Friday, 24 September 2010

Barnet Libraries : Would you like fries with that?

One of my favourite Tory bloggers, once said that Councillor Robert Rams, the man in charge of future shape and the library closure program in Barnet was only fit for a job which involved asking "Would you like fries with that sir?".

Rather ironically, Mr Rams has now said that we should collect our books from Starbucks. Why didn't he go the whole hog and suggest McDonalds. I'm sure armies of Barnet pensioners would be impressed as they browse for books "I'd like Cider with Rosy please" they could ask. "Is that a regular or a supersize sir".

McDonalds gets a lot of stick, but it is actually a well run corporation. Barnet Council could learn much from its business techniques. All employees have to work in a restaurant for a month so they  understand the business, before they can start any management assignment. I personally think it would do Rams no end of good to work in a library for a month. Then he'd actually meet a few real people and understand the problem. As Council morgues are also part of his sell off, maybe a spell there would help as well. Of course, unlike McDonalds which is hugely profitable and clearly has great management, Rams probably thinks he know it all already.

The reason McDonalds is successful is because they know what they are good at, they stick to it and they do it properly. They don't look to outsource chip frying to Burger King because its cheaper. A less for Barnet Council. If you want to teach Rams a lesson, vote in the poll in the sidebar. It's your last opportunity

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