Sunday, 12 September 2010

The two happiest people in Barnet tonight

There are two very happy bunnies snuggling up in bed as I write this. Leader of the Labour group in Barnet Council, Alison Moore and Tory Chief whip Brian Coleman (no not together, perish the thought).

It is now common knowledge that the attempted Coup by disgruntled Tory Councillors has fizzled out. As it stands, three will vote for the motion of no confidence and a maximum of three will get a headache and not show up. Brian Coleman has let it be known that any Tories who vote with the opposition will lose the whip, lose all committee postings and be ostracised. Of the 18 councillors who voted for Shooter, 12 have told Coleman they will vote with the party. Expect a minimum of two bye elections in coming months. Coleman has been saying that Shooter has lost the plot and is walking the streets of Barnet shouting rude words (well not quite, but I'm sure you get my drift) and thinks it is hilarious. As for Shooter, he's gone to ground, drawn the curtains and isn't taking any calls (and I don't mean from me).

As for Alison Moore, the last thing she wanted was to see the back of Hillan and Coleman. She's privately chuffed (although it is fair to say she can't stand the pair of them). Probably the only person to come out of this with their image enhanced is Lib Dem leader Jack Cohen, who's motion has exposed the Tories as completely two faced, voting against Hillan last week and for Hillan this week.

I suspect that  this will not really give Jack too much satisfaction as he dearly hoped that he'd actually managed to see off Hillan and Coleman for a couple of days.


baarnett said...

Hopefully the artist will not mind:

Another picture of Lynne, Brian and their friends, which deserves a wider circulation...

vickim57 said...

What a brilliant pic!

vickim57 said...

I was thinking about this and maybe Labour would have liked to propose the vote of no confidence. But it was more effective coming from Lib Dems because they are Conservatives' coalition partners.

In any case, it doesn't look like the vote on Tuesday will turn out to be the answer to all our prayers, because Shooter et al have remembered which side they are on! The Tories'! (My party right or wrong.)

baarnett said...

I merely linked to the picture on the Brent Cross web site.

"Brentcross (registered trade mark)"
according to the story there.

Is it possible for Jack Cohen to add the 50%-plus pay rises to his motion? That is, if he wanted to. It will be interesting to see the recipients of the 50% rises actually raising their hands!