Monday, 13 September 2010

The big Brian Coleman conspiracy

VickiM57 got a great scoop today - the letter Brian Coleman sent to Brian Schama in response to his private letter to Coleman. As you can see, Coleman copied the world in on his response (well the Barnet Tory world), including Schama's private comments. Here's what Coleman said, for those who haven't seen  Vicki's blog
From: Coleman, Cllr Brian Conservative
Sent: 10 September 2010 19:07
Cc: Prentice, Cllr Wendy Conservative; Hillan, Cllr Lynne Conservative; Harper, Cllr Andrew Conservative; Scannell, Cllr Joan Conservative; Rayner, Cllr Hugh Conservative; Cohen, Cllr Melvin Conservative
Subject: RE: Council Meeting September 14th. Agenda Item: 3.6

In view of the contents of this e mail , which I assume is notification that you cannot support a vote of Confidence in our Administration despite the result of the ballot at the Group I assume this means that you have resigned the Conservative Whip

As I am sure you will appreciate this is a serious matter and I ask you to reflect as of course if you intend to sit as an Independent appropriate arrangements will have to be made

Kind regards

So who benefits from this being leaked? Well it sends a strong message to all of those lilley livered Tory Barnet wets who were thinking of voting against Hillan. Who could have leaked it? Why to Vicki's blog?  A conspiracy theorist might say "Well who wants to send a message via a leaked email to a blog, but hates Don't Call Me Dave, Dan Hope and Rog T and wouldn't want to give them a scoop? I can't think of such a person in Barnet.

You know us bloggers in Barnet are really quite competetive and it makes me wonder who I could have upset recently enough to send such a scoop to a "well known Trades Unionist". I clearly have been buttering up the wrong people with my offers of free pot noodles.

Reports reach me that Brian Coleman has been looking rather happy all day. Maybe he's won £10 on the lottery.

On a serious note - the main thing is we can now see exactly how Coleman operates. Schama sends a private email to him and Coleman tries to destroy him. If Coleman was really intererested in doing his job, he'd have nipped round to see Schama and explained the need for group unity at this time and told him to develop a headache on the night (a La Brian Salinger) if he really couldn't support Hillan. As it is he's guaranteed that Brian Schama has to vote against Hillan and suffer the consequences. Really quite nasty, but just about par for the course. Coleman knew this when he copied the rest of the group, he knew that it would all make it's way into the public domain.

One other thing I noticed. Whoever sent Vicki the email didn't mask Schama's private email, whereas whoever sent me Brians original email did. Any clue there?


Mrs Angry said...

Ahem. I want someone to ignore me too. Oh: hold on ...

Rog T said...

Dear Mrs Angry,

I suggest you email Brian Coleman and demand to be snubbed immediately. Apologies for the oversight. Sadly though, as you are a lady of mystery, I don't suppose we can draw too much into a snub from our porky friend

vickim57 said...

You're too kind, Rog. I don't really consider it a scoop - someone sends me an email, I decide whether to publish it or not.

In fact, I wish I'd noticed the thing about Schama's email because I'd have probably removed it if I'd noticed myself (I don't suppose it is that hard to find Brian Schama's email, any more than it is hard to find someone's street address, but I feel quite uncomfortable about publishing it to the world). Then that aspect of the mystery would have been lost to the world forever.

May the sleuthing continue...

Mrs Angry said...

Interesting sign of the times? The Barnet Press is quoting local bloggers prominently now - first article online, P 2 of the paper. Good to see this paper is livening up and focusing on local politics.

baarnett said...
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baarnett said...

Thanks Mrs A.

However, at this moment, the Barnet Press web site is its usual self, making drying paint look exciting:

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Rog T said...

Sorry for the lack of updates - blogger is playing up