Saturday, 18 September 2010

Councillor Robert Rams - A description of the Barnet Library killer

Being a dyslexic, I sometimes have difficulty finding the words to describe how I feel about people when they do bad things. Barnet Councillor Robert Rams(bottom) is in the process of drawing up a plan to sell off and flog off Barnets libraries. This will have a terrible effect on many elderly residents who view the Library as a source of joy. Ramsbottom doesn't understand that reading means so much to many people. He doesn't realise that many young people rely on the quiet space in the library to study. He doesn't care that this might ruin the school grades of many children (probably because they are aspirational kids of less well off households). As I said, I'm far too stupid, dyslexic and inarticulate to sum him up. That is why God gave us John Cooper Clarke. Please listen to this as it sums young Ramsbottom up so well.

And yes, I'm having a collection of books to help educate Councillor Rams as part of the "Save Barnets Libraries" campaign in Mill Hill Broadway on Sat 25th Spetember between 10am and noon.
A kindly old lady up the road has already donated a copy of the Ladybird book "Jack and Jill" to start the process off. She tells me she's relying on me. Well I'm relying on you, because I can't do it alone. She told me that she'd never seen my blog till a friend showed her at the library and she'd never called anyone a twat until she'd heard of Robert Rams and his scheme.

If you agree with me on this matter, please participate in the poll in the top right hand corner of the blog. Unlike Barnet Council leadership elections this is an honest open and transparent poll, so you are equally welcome to vote if you think Robert Rams is marvellous and I've got it all wrong.


vickim57 said...

Would it be true to say that you don't much like Robert Rams?

Broadway Blogger said...

The POLLS dont lie. Most people seem to agree with ROGER about Robert Rams.

He is very unpopular and killing the libraries will probably see us burning his effigy on Mill Hill Broadway in the coming days unless he repents. :-)