Sunday, 26 September 2010

Before you sign, read the terms and conditions

Reports reach the Barnet Eye that a couple of BNP activists were out collecting signatures for a "Bring our boys home" petition at the weekend. We live in a free country (thank God) and as such, people are free to collect signatures for such a petition and to sign it. What seems to have caused some consternation though, is that several people I spoke to put their names to the petition, without realising that the BNP were the sponsors of the petition. You may say "Well, if I agree with the petition, why should it matter?". Well there are several reasons that it matters quite a lot.

The BNP will say "We got X numbers of signatures for a petition we started". This implies to the wider public a level of support that simply isn't there for their policies. The BNP have not been telling the truth about the whole situation. They told people on the streets "We are the only organisation fighting to bring our boys home". This simply isn't true. There is a massively well supported campaign run by the Stop The War coalition - - They are organising a massive demonstration against the war on November 20th. This is a cross party national campaign. Did the BNP tell the people signing the petition about it? Of course they didn't. Did they hand out leaflets to promote the rally? Of course they didn't. The reason is because they are using the war in Afghanistan to promote their party. Their opposition to it is a cynical ploy.

When they say "Bring our boys home" what do they mean? Who is the bravest man in Great Britain today. I would say it is Johnson Beharry VC is my choice. He won the VC in Iraq for actions of extreme bravery, way beyond the call of duty. Because he's black and because he was born in Grenada, the BNP do not consider this giant of a man to be British. BNP Leader Nick Griffin specifically said when asked about Beharry said "No, he's not British". In fact Nick Griffin said that Beharry, who saved 30 mens lives, only got the medal because he was black.

Now this comment is not just an insult to Beharry. It is an insult to the whole army. This is recognised and a whole array of top generals signed a letter refuting Nick Griffens disgusting comments. Falklands veteran Simon Weston and Ex SAS man Andy McNab also slated the BNP for their comments.

The BNP also opposes the rights of Gurkha veterans to settle in the UK.

The BNP also refuses to acknowledge the sacrifices of the 8 million Commonwealth citizens who served in the armed forces in the second world war and who contributed massively to the defeat of fascism and Nazism.

One of the distinguishing features of the British Forces is the way it accepts people from all around the world and molds them into the worlds most professional army. As well as Gurkhas, many fine soldiers are from places such as Fiji, Africa and the West Indies. When the BNP says "Bring the boys home" they mean "unless you are black, in which case you can piss off".

When you sign their petition, that is what you are signing. If you really care about ending the war, go to the stop the war march.


sonia said...

Absolutely right. In fact there is a BNP radio interview on the party's website in which BNP leader Nick Griffin explains in detail that all the names and addresses will be entered onto BNP databases so that the party can send them an invitation to a Christmas social, try and persuade them to apply for a postal vote and send them targeted propaganda at election times. Funnily enough Griffin says nothing about the petition being delivered to Downing Street or anywhere else.

All that is no surprise as the BNP advertised its day of action on Saturday 18 September as its autumn recruitment drive.

S Curry said...

Well I think it's great that the bnp are campaigning against this awful war Labour has dragged us into.

Rog T said...

S Curry, you are right in one way, it's better than the usual nonsense they come out with. Sadly though they still come out with all of that rubbish as well.