Saturday, 25 September 2010

Successful launch for Save The Library Service in Barnet Campaign today

I am pleased to report an extremely warm reception for the launch of the Save the Library Service in Barnet Campaign in Mill Hill Broadway today. We collected well over 150 signatures in two hours, with queues at times to sign the petition. Fellow Barnet blogger VickiM57 turned up to lend a hand along with a host of other local people from across the political spectrum.

I am especially pleased to report the warm reception to the petition from many lifelong Conservatives in Mill Hill. One senior Tory party official signed on behalf of  "The Hendon Conservatives". Whilst it is important that the whole community unites against the library sell off, it is heartwarming to know that the Torys are even out of touch with their own supporters.

We dished out over 250 leaflets. I also asked for donations of books to help educate Robert Rams and we got a great selection. The wit of the people of Mill Hill was clearly evident. My top five favourite donations for Mr Rams were :-

1 - How to banish cellulite forever - Liz Hodgekinson
2 - Next, After Lucifer - Daniel Rhodes
3 - Nemisis - Isaac Asimov
4 - Christmas fun, things to make and do - Maggie Downer
5 - Fight Back, a womans guide to self defence - Emil Farkas and Margaret Leeds

They certainly made me chuckle. I thought that Robert Rams and the Barnet Tories were onto a loser with the Library closure program. What I saw today convinced me of this. We need more people out next Saturday in every ward in Barnet. If we got 150 in two hours in Mill Hill, that means that we'd have got over 3,000 if we visit every ward and 10,000 if we visit every high street in the Borough of Barnet. If you want to fight this madness, please get in touch and offer 1 hour of your time to collect signatures. I was amazed by how many people turned out to help in Mill Hill, we need to take the campaign across the Borough. Once they shut the Libraries, they are gone forever. Let's kill this stupid policy now - sign the online petition here -

Email me via THIS LINK if you want to help with the campaign. I will post the piccies when Vicki sends them

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Broadway Blogger said...

Fantastic - wish I could have been there - away this week.

The People of Mill Hill will fight this to the last chapter.

Keep on keeping on and we will publish the petition link tomorrow on Broadway Blog