Saturday, 11 September 2010

Barnet Eye - The Big Question - Is Robert Rams a Twat ?

Councillor Robert Rams is leading Barnet Councils review of Libraries. He wants to shut them and make us borrow books from Starbucks or order them online and collect them from Tescos. Sadly for Mill Hill residents, there is neither a Starbucks or Tescos locally, although there is a very fine and well loved library. Councillor Rober Rams was so happy to be described as a Twat that he tweeted it to all his friends. Unlike the Barnet Council Tories, where all elections are held in private and they lie about the results, we have decided to set a good example to show the benefits of an open and transparent poll.

I'm sure that Robert Rams will be tweeting all his friends as he is clearly a masterful political campaigner. This means your vote counts - Please use the 5 seconds it takes to vote in the box in the top right hand corner. It is free and completely fair.


Mrs Angry said...

I think it is fair to say that as far as twatdom is concerned, Robert Ramsbottom has studied at the knee of a master, ie Mr Toad, and cannot be given any credit for originality.

baarnett said...

It's possible the "No" votes registered include the electronic version of ballot box stuffing.

I suggest you check the IP addresses of voters, and also add a declaration, "I, being of sound mind, do hereby cast my vote as follows..."

Roger - perhaps you could start a "church thermometer"-type display of all the millions that this administration has lost of Barnet residents' money.

Rog T said...


It's good to see the friends of Robert Ramsbottom out in such force. It is just a shame none of them have left a comment explaining why he isn't a twat and all the marvellous things he's done. Maybe leaving a comment is a bit too tricky.

Rog T said...

In response to the people who've emailed asking why I've singled Robert Rams out for the poll. Basically it's because no other Tory in Barnet has been quite so ridiculously stupid as Rams.

Whilst many of the things they do are nasty, horrible and mean, this one is a real vote loser.

This will start biting around the time Mr Ramsbottom's old chum Brian Coleman is trying to get re-elected to the GLA. I will make it my personal mission in life to let every Barnet and Camden voter know that his GLA bag carrier (that is Rams job) is the Library assasin.

baarnett said...

"Basically it's because no other Tory in Barnet has been quite so ridiculously stupid as Rams."

Oh come on! There have been lots of them that have been that stupid!

Here's two.