Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Barnet Eye Exclusive : Mobile wardens costs £175,000 more than keeping them on site - Hillan hides the facts

One of the key foundations of the Future Shape project is the abolition of On Site Wardens. Evidence has reached The Barnet Eye that a detailed investigation by Barnet Council has found that moving to a system of mobile wardens (the Councils preferred option) may cost up to £175,000 than retaining on site wardens. Now a sensible council would see the light and drop the proposal. What do you think Barnet Council did? They hushed this fact up. Councillor Maureen Braun presented a report which completely neglected to mention this. Lets just hope that some kind person serves an FOI on Barnet Council to get them to reveal this.

The only question which the Barnet Eye is currently unable to answer is whether Braun knowingly conspired to hide this fact or whether Leader Lynne Hillan specifically selected Braun for the job because she knew Braun was too dim to realise she was playing the stooge.

Editors note : Councillor Maureen Braun was chair of the planning committee responsible for approving the multi billion pound Brent X/ Cricklewood redevelopment. Was she up to the job? Well she didn't even know she needed planning permission for her own shed -


It just fills me with such confidence in the whole of Barnet Council


baarnett said...

Via Vickim57's blog, I've noticed there's a Brent Cross sand pit here.

This junior minister (he is only a Parliamentary Under Secretary) is from the same government department where Secretary of State Eric Pickles was taking tea with the Salingers a few weeks back, as a deliberate slight against Lynne Hillan and Co. Have the offenders been rehabilitated, and can now mix in polite society?

franklymydear said...

Maureen Braun shouted at the only councillor to vote against the Brent Cross vote WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?

Thats what she thinks of democracy.

Mrs Angry said...

The Times seems to be misled as to the status of Bob Neill: of course the actual Local Governent Minister is - oh dear -Grant Shapps, who er was rather outspoken on the Barnet Tory allowance hike ... Sec of State Pickles of course then had the Salingers round for tea and sympathy, and is not likely to be available, so poor old Bob Neill (who he?) has been reeled in as a bit of desperate PR and attempt at damage limitation over last week's Future Shape amusements. If you notice there is a bit of a frantic effort to get 'positive' stories over in the press ... the funniest of these is our Brian saving us all from the evils of fortnightly bin collections, which have never been a consideration here anyway, and agonising on our behalf about firefighters having to cope with rubbish fires caused by fortnightly collections (er, which are never going to happen)- it's nice to see he cares, isn't it?