Friday, 10 September 2010

Stop Press : Barnet Council Connaught workers sacked by conference call 6pm Thursday

The Future of Barnet Future Shape - More to follow. Barnet Homes repairs in total disarray


Jaybird said...

Oh my god, what a horrible and cowardly thing to do!

Jaybird said...

Sorry, thought I would post this link in

Broadway Blogger said...

Mark Shooter and Brian Schama should be allowed to mount another leadership challenge.

The local media should actually BACK the LEADERSHIP BID by these two. Perhaps someone can start a petition for the voters and public to show their displeasure at the way things are going at Barnet.

Whatever is happening at Connaught - it shows again that this particular leadership are very "unlucky" - we have had the ICELAND debacle - the EXPENSES Allowancegate - the sacking of anyone who tries to put the point of view of their voters.....

It is pantomime. A new leadership may have the chance to steady the ship and restore the good name of Barnet Council.

At the moment anyone would think that the Raving Looney Party had taken over Barnet !