Thursday, 16 September 2010

Barnet Council Update : Hillan sharpens the knife

Following the failed leadership putsch in the Barnet Tories, Lynne Hillan is urgently planning a cabinet reshuffle. Lets just say that certain characters have, shall we say, fallen from grace, whilst others need a payback. Toady councillors such as Graham "Kate Salinger is my hero" Old, who showed absolutely no backbone and toadily supported Hillan all the way, despite pretending to be disgusted with her.

Word on the street is that John Marshall, as chief whip, is rather keen to take Saichin Rajput down a peg, as he's none to keen on his "style". Sadly I predict that our fave Barnet Tory Twat, Little Bobby Goatsbum - Sorry Robert Ramsbottom looks set to stay.

I hear Andrew Harper has a few interesting views on a new job for Brian Coleman, but I've been sworn to secrecy on that.


baarnett said...

I'm sure we could all suggest suitable jobs for Brian Coleman.

baarnett said...

Come on Roger - spill the beans on Mikey.

There he is, parked up his MPs-R-Us minivan in Parliament Square, gone to his desk squeezed under the cleaning cupboard stairs in Portcullis House, switched on his Sinclair ZX81, logged on, and found you haven't done the wretched post about him yet!