Thursday, 9 September 2010

Greedy Tories keep their snouts firmly in the trough and Lynne Hillan in her job

So why did the Tories decide to keep Lynne Hillan as Leader. She's clearly incompetent and an embarrassment. As ever, with Barnet's Tories the answer is simple. Lynne Hillan knows how to find their g-spot. She knows what makes them tick - cash. The brutal truth is that she's hoodwinked the press, pretended that the allowance rise has been abolished, whilst keeping if for all of the committee chairmen (a key group of supporters). The greedy vultures who kept her in power, did so on the back of a 54% payrise as committee members, which they've clung onto for dear life. Who are these greedy troughers who make up the backbone of Hillans support?

Current post holder      Comm                  Prev   New    Incr%
Cllr Andreas Tambourides Licencing Committee   £9,974 £15,333 54%
Cllr Alison Cornelius    Health OSC            £9,974 £15,333 54%
Cllr Wendy Prentice      Planning  Environment £9,974 £15,333 54%
Cllr Hugh Rayner Bus     Management OSC Sub    £9,974 £15,333 54%
Cllr Darrel Yawitch      Budget Perf OSC       £9,974 £15,333 54%
Cllr Brian Gordon        Policy Performance OS £9,974 £15,333 54%
Cllr Joan Scannell       General Functions     £9,974 £15,333 54%
Cllr John Marshall       Pension Fund          £9,974 £15,333 54%

This can be verified at this link -

Here's an extract showing only three posts are affected by the U Turn. Does it surprise you that in effect, Hillan bought the job? Does it surprise you that a whole bunch of Tory councillors put  their wallets before their principles? Does it surprise you that there has been no press coverage of this fact?

There are many reasons why Lynne Hillan should go. These have been summed up in the leaked emails to the Tory group by both Mark Shooter and Brian Schama. What reason is there for her staying? Because she knows how to do a great deal for her supporters.

There is general revulsion within the voters of Barnet at Hillans regime. Sadly only the readers of  blogs such as this know the full story as the local press has neglected to mention it. The fact that the Council Leader has pulled this stunt to save her skin, should be front page news.

The saddest thing about the Tory ballot being a close run thing is that you can bet your life that plenty of the lying gits will tell angry constituents they backed Mark Shooter when challenged. I think the list should be published, so that we can spare them our bile and anger. You may be interested to know that Brian Coleman has promised to light a fire under all Tories who supported Mark Shooter. I have this message to our porky friend. If you play with fire, you get burned. The people are with the Shooter camp.

The Tories of Barnet had a chance to save themselves on Tuesday. They had a chance to redeem their public image. I have this stark message for the Tories. If the Tories vote to keep Hillan in the confidence vote, this blog will step up it's efforts to alert the people of Barnet as to their shenanigans.

The Tories can't even be honest with the press as to how the Leadership vote went. The front page of the Hendon Times contains an article that shoes senior Tories lied about the 19-18 margin of victory - read the article on the front page :-

These people are not fit to run a London Borough. We need a concerted community campaign to remove them. The Tories have one last chance to save themselves, courtesy of Jack Cohens vote. If the people who voted for Shooter lack the backbone to finish the job, then they deserve the same public disdain as the greedy piggies who voted to keep her. I have no doubt they'll cave in, but I'm keeping my powder dry until then.


vickim57 said...

Hello, Roger,

I hope some of your readers can publicise and come to the lobby of the council meeting next Tuesday (14 September). We are gathering from 6pm at Hendon Town Hall, the Burroughs, NW4 4BG. The lobby runs till 7pm when I reckon it should be standing room only for the council meeting inside. The lobby is organised by Barnet trades council, the title is "Don't cut our services! Don't privatise our services! No to Barnet easyCouncil!"

If anyone wants more details please email me at Vicki

baarnett said...

Good for you Roger.

It occurs to me that Andrew Harper must be tempted to vote against Lynne next Tuesday - because the sooner she goes, the sooner he gets her bigger allowance as Council Leader!

Good luck to Jack Cohen for the 'no confidence motion' anyway.


If, like me usually, you only read comments on Roger's LATEST post, let me draw your attention to a short debate on stroke treatment on the previous 'David Cameron' post below.

In terms of carrying that debate forward, "is there a doctor in the house", please?

Mrs Angry said...

Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. Can there be any local authority that has dragged the good name of the borough they are supposed to serve so thoroughly through the mud? All eyes will be on them next Tuesday, and if the Tory councillors, either individually or as a group, endorse Hillan and her actions, they will lose any right whatsoever to any claim to integrity, decency or honour. The problem is, almost none of them care.