Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Hillans Loyal Tories get their butts whipped and lose their political virginty

Lynne Hillans favourite blog - The London Daily News reports that ALL 39 TORY COUNCILLORS backed Lynne Hillan in the confidence vote. Mrs Angry reports that the Labour group called a division, which meant all of their names were read out, to sheer public derision. No wonder they only wanted 25 members of the public to attend.

Well, you've read their emails here. You've followed the story. Ask yourself this. All 39 Barnet Tory Councillors have PUBLICLY BACKED Lynne Hillan in a vote of confidence. In their judgement, they are happy to be named as believing she is the best person to lead the group through these troubled times.

18 of them voted against her last week in a secret ballot. What does this tell you about our Barnet Conservative Councillors. It tells me the following about our gentlemen councillors.

a) They have no balls
b) They have no balls

and finally, and by far the most important

c) They have no balls.

It strikes me that so far, the only two Barnet Tories who have displayed the slightest amount of testicular matter are dear old Lynne Hillan and "Saint Catherine of Salinger". I can almost imagine Lynne Hillan lifting up her skirt and screaming at the backsliders "I bet you wish you had a pair of these" - it clearly had the desired effect, whatever she did.

Do you think that before you can become a male Barnet Tory Councillor, you have to have a medical exam and if they find any evidence of testicles, you don't get selected. I suppose it explains why Councillor Robert Rams (the man who wants to abolish Barnets Libraries and replace them with Starbucks and Tescos ) has such a squeaky voice, which reduced the public gallery to hysterics last week, when he answered "known trade unionist Vicky Morris" question about asset stripping.

My advice to all of our local Tory gentlemen who voted for Shooter last week and for Hillan this week. Go and have a long hard look in the mirror. What do you see staring back at you? That is what we all see. A self serving coward. You know that you had an opportunity to put Barnet back on track and you bottled it. I trust you are prepared for the public backlash which awaits you. Your credibility is like you virginity. Once it's gone it's gone forever.


Mrs Angry said...

Credibility, and virginity: hmmm, looked to me like that ugly bunch have too little of one and too much of the other ...

baarnett said...

The London Daily News (such a strange organ) said it was:

"A 'low key debate' with no raised voices."