Thursday, 23 September 2010

Allowancegate : Andrew Harper - The most greedy parasite in Barnet

Ever feel like you've been conned?

You probably thought that the Barnet Council Allowance scandal had gone away. Leader Lynne Hillan announced that the huge rises for cabinet members had been dropped. There is a story in this weeks Hendon Times where she says "she listened to the people". I am sorry to tell you that this is a massive lie. As you will recall Councillor Mark Shooter launched a leadership battle against Hillan in protest at the rises. Hillan immediately claimed she'd scrapped them. She kept the leadership by one vote.

Well how did she get those votes? She bought them. The key player was her deputy, Andrew Harper. He let it be known that what the price of his continued support was. You can see this today on page 17 of the on-line copy of the Press newspaper. This has a full page advert from Barnet Council, telling us of the "new scheme". Click here and go to page 17 :-

This is a (rather badly copied because I am in a rush) print of it, direct from the paper. Click on the image for an easier to read version

As you can see, Harper, the deputy Leader has seen his allowance rise from £9,974 to a whopping £27,429 - That is a £17,455 pay rise - That is a whopping 175% increase by my maths. This is at a time of budget cuts, job losses and all round belt tightening.

There is no other word for this than GREED. It is absolutely disgusting. Our poll for Councillor Rams is reaching it's conclusion tomorrow. Sadly it appears that whilst Rams isn't exactly the most pleasant or bright member of the cabinet, he is not the greediest or most parasitic member by a long way. Harper is in a league of his own. The man is a total disgrace and is a shameful stain on the good name of Barnet Council.

Perhaps the most galling aspect of all of this is the lies which the Conservative Leadership have told the good people of Barnet. It makes me sick. The battle goes on


baarnett said...

But did Harper get scale 3 PLUS scale 2 (plus his "basic allowance") on the March 2010 chart?

He now gets band 3 (upper), plus his "basic allowance".

It doesn't mean he's worth it, anyway. But maybe the "Harpergate" scandal will have to wait. Let's concentrate on "Ramsgate".

Rog T said...


All it means is that there is more cash in the pot to bribe more of their mates. Don't fall for this line.

It is a way of extracting a few quid extra and doing less work. Harper will divest his "non paying jobs" at the first available opportunity, so someone else can be bought off.

baarnett said...

You haven't quite gone over into libel, but mind out.

The fact remains - unless I am mistaken, Harper received two payments before, that add up to roughly what his new payment is.

There is still plenty of meat to go for. No need to bite into the bone.

baarnett said...

Such as the Vickim57 blog pointing out the Guardian web site, here.

(The Brent Cross blog calls this "easyChair".)