Thursday, 30 September 2010

Save Barnets Library service from closure - Stall in Mill Hill Broadway, Saturday 10.30am -12.30pm

Please come down, sign the petition and find out how you can oppose the Barnet Council Library Closure program. If you can't make it, please sign the on-line petition in the sidebar. Once the Library service has been closed down, the buildings sold off and the staff sacked, it will be gone forever.

We have a stark choice in Barnet. We can get off our backsides and try and stop Barnet Council ruining the Borough, so that they can keep their lovely juicy allowances or we can let them destroy all of the things which make Barnet a great place to live. Here's a short list of things (by no means conclusive) of all the things threatened by future shape

The Green Belt,
Sheltered Housing Warden Services,
local cemetries and morgues.
playing fields,
Childrens Services,
Services for the elderly,
Advice centres

Here's a list of things not threatened

Councillor Allowances
Consultants pay packets
Barnet Council executives pay packets & pensions
Council Civic Buffets
Cuncillors Jollies

Do you care? If you do please make a start by signing the petition in the sidebar opposing the Library Closure program


citizenr said...

As a victim of local council cuts (but not in Barnet) I've been blogging about this stuff. I'm talking about EZ councils today. Do drop by and say hello.

baarnett said...

You mis-spelt your own web site.

It is here.

Broadway Blogger said...

Mill Hill Library must not close. It is a well used amenity and Mill Hill has no police station - no council office - nothing. It is all we have got to show for our Council Tax.

See you tomorrow Roger !

Broadway Blogger said...

Great to see the stall so busy. Photo now up and report on BROADWAY BLOG and link. Thanks for all Barnet Eye is doing to save our library.