Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Proof that the Barnet Conservatives really are rubbish !

I thought I'd visit the Barnet Conservatives website, just to see what they are up to *OFFICIALLY*

Check it out for yourself :-

Impressive? I don't blame them, I'd be embarrassed as well - Ha Ha Ha

We've also obtained this picture, taken illegally of the Barnet Conservative Councillors voting for Lynne Hillan in the confidence debate last night.

The short one with the rather long arms is Robert Rams. Mrs Angry reports on her blog that when Hillan won the vote, she was kissed by Andrew Harper. Given his plans for her, do you think he paid himself 30 pieces of silver?

As for Brian Coleman, didn't he realise that it has to be a beautiful princess for the toad transformation business to work.

Old Toady has been having a bad day all round - seems like he's taken another hefty whack in the pocket, courtesy of Boris. This on top of the sack as Barnet Tory Chief whip.

And the funniest news on the Tory front is about Mike Freer MP. I'm afraid you'll have to wait for that one though. To much richness in one day causes indigestion


baarnett said...

Is there any person who "loves details" who could list every Barnet Councillor, and state:

- what their allowance was last March,

- what it was changed to by Lynne on 1 August, and

- what it was changed to last night?

(I assume "no change" for the committee chairmen last night. However, the old multiple allowances business complicates some figures.)

It's a tedious task, but...

danfhope said...

Roger I thought the DNA tests showed you were Rams' father?

Mrs Angry said...

baarnett, after my spies' attendance at the F&GG Residents' Forum tonight, I am able to enlighten you further on the committee chair allowances. you are going to love this: see tomorrow's blog.

Moaneybat said...

Dan Hope

Are you and either Coleman and Freer the parents of Councillor Ramsbottom or are his parents both Coleman and Freer?

baarnett said...

Isn't it obvious? The mannerisms, the high forehead, the character?

It's aarg!

danfhope said...