Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Save Barnet's Libraries - Book collection for Councillor Robert Rams

It seems that as our local Tories all lack the nuts to stop this nonsense, it's down to you and me dear citizen to fight these idiots. Last night I was despondent, the plight of Connaught PLC workers had really upset me. This morning I look at it with fresh eyes. Look at what we've achieved. The Tory leadership caved in to public protests, lead by this blog against the Cabinet allowance rises. It may in some ways only be symbolic, but the architect of this misery isn't getting a pay rise. Now down to work.

Councillor Robert Rams believes that flogging off the Librarys of Barnet and making everyone order books online and pick them up at Tescos or Starbucks is a marvellous idea and that the people of Barnet will love him for this. I happen to believe that it is the most stupid idea imaginable. I suspect that when he implements his silly plan, many of his Tory Council colleagues will be thrown out by the electorate. Whilst this would be a marvellous thing for people like me who think they've had it coming, it would be a terrible thing for the children, pensioners and everyone else in Barnet.

I have decided to save Robert Rams from himself and persuade him of the error of his ways. For many of us, books are a vital part of our lives. It is absolutely clear to me that Councillor Rams needs to be educated. I am asking everyone in Barnet to bring a book for Councillor Robert Rams to a street stall I will be running between 10am and noon in Mill Hill Broadway on Saturday 25th September (provisional date). We will then deliver these books to Councillor Rams at the next cabinet meeting at Hendon Town Hall. I ask everyone who cares about the Library service in Barnet to please come along and show some support.


Jaybird said...

Books like this one?

Jaybird said...

Or this one?

Jaybird said...

Or this one?

baarnett said...

In honour of the whole Barnet Cabinet and fellow-travellers, I would like to nominate:

"The human race’s most popular humor series returns with a new collection of macabre mishaps and misadventures. Honoring those who improve our gene pool by inadvertently removing themselves from it."

Perhaps someone would like to send a copy to this book to each of them.

baarnett said...

I am sure the press will want to photograph you outside Hendon Town Hall, with your books selection, ready to go in to meet Mr Ramsbottom (and no doubt be refused).

That will gain excellent publicity in the borough in support of our libraries.

I rather admire Roegr for actually getting off his arse while the rest of us pontificate (like me). You are the Bob Geldoff of Barnet.

Mrs Angry said...

Fabulous idea, Rog: but can little Robert Ramsbottom read? I can suppose he can always ask Uncle Brian to read him a few stories.

Broadway Blogger said...

Good idea - maybe you can do a MONTH of Saturdays on the Broadway and actually get a feel for what people are feeling on the streets of this town.