Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Robert Rams and his seven friends are very cross

It seems that Councillor Robert Rams was rather keen on my blog about him from Monday. He tweeted it to all his friends - http://twitter.com/athousandtrees - it seems that seven enjoyed it so much that they even ticked the rubbish box on the blog. Rather oddly a couple of them ticked the marvellous box. With mates like that Robert, who needs enemies. A mischievous emailer maliciously suggested to me that Robert Rams family name is really Ramsbottom. I kind of think it suits him better. Gives him the gravitas he deserves.

Here's a little advice to any other similarly dim Tory Councillors in Barnet. If someone writes a blog about you, which you are not very keen on, tweeting all your mates to tell them only makes you look an even bigger twat. Maybe Brian Coleman was right, Twitter really is for Twits.

P.S Thanks to Hulk Hogan, who is an avid fan of Roberts Twits for the tip off.

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baarnett said...

I see that the runners and riders are parading in the paddock right now.

Lynne the Bin looks a bit lame, but don't forget she's carrying a thirty-pound handicap. No wait a minute, she's increased that to sixty pounds.

Some late money is going on an outsider, Harper Round the Bend, with bookie's friend The Tichborne Thunderbolt threatening to join the race himself.

And just entering the ring now is Trouble Shooter, looking supremely confident. People have said this is make or break for him, since if he loses, it may be retirement for him.

And they go down to the course now. The public can only sit on the sidelines and wait...