Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mike Freer MP - No Boozers, No brewery and no booze up !!!!

I promised my regular readers a chuckle at the expense of Mike Freer, MP for Finchley and Golders Green. Now regular readers will know that Mike's ability to organise things properly are legendary. A previous example of his amazing talent for this was seen when he organised a leader listens "meet the public" session in Golders Green Sainsburys on a Saturday morning (for those readers not familiar with the area, Golders Green has a strong Jewish community who would all be at prayer then).

If you are ever tasked with organising the cheapest booze up in a brewery ever, ask Mike Freer to organise it and bring all his friends. The latest example of his unique skill in this respect was his attempt to launch an "Parliamentary all party group on London". Mike booked the room, but only two people turned up, both Labour supporters - Lord Toby Harris and Jim Fitzpatrick MP. After a while, each assuming the other had booked the rather embarrassing event, they realised that it must have been someone else, who had done a runner when no one turned up. Enquiries showed that it was none other than beloved Michael Whitney Freer MP.

Lord Harris has this to say :-

Clearly, the Coalition Government does not regard London as important.  No Minister has been designated as Minister for London -despite the practice of having a Minister for London pre-dating the last Labour Government. Maybe Mike Freer thought this deficit might be – in part – rectified by setting up an All-Party Group, but his enthusiam didn’t seem to extend beyond booking a room.  Bit pathetic really.
Read the whole sorry story here. For those of us who have followed Mr Freer's career, perhaps the only surprise is the fact he actually managed to book the room. I suppose that is progress of sorts for Mike.

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baarnett said...

Perhaps he was playing with his Wii, and didn't notice the time.